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New release and first edition Single Cask Syrah. Aged 24 months in French White Oak sourced from the Fontainebleau Forest. This 100% Estate Grown Syrah is exquisite!

$65.00 per Bottle

This refreshing Summertime or Anytime white is gently sweet, and quite champagne like! Perfect paired with Seafood, Light Meals and Cheeses.

$28.00 per Bottle

This rare Bordeaux is primarily grown in South Africa at present. We have one of very few vineyards in the states and are very pleased to bring this fruit forward and unique varietal to you.

Off dry, light and AWESOME!

$38.00 per Bottle
Hillside grown in our Estate Vineyards ensures that only the finest quality fruit contribute to every bottle. Smooth and refreshing strawberry overtones with a hint of spice. This is a great wine for gifting because it’s sure to please!
$36.00 per Bottle
The old west lives on here at the ranch and the tradition of the Outlaw wine maker is clear and present in this rebellious Zinfandel / Ruby Cabernet blend. It pairs great with heavier meals such as Bleu Cheese stuffed Filet Mignon or nice thick Alfredo pasta. Bon Appetit!
$32.00 per Bottle

Nobel and elegant with black currant and cherries on oak.

$42.00 per Bottle

Radiant color, aroma, and body with a little spicy kick from the pepper trees. Plenty of American oak aging. Outstanding!!

$46.00 per Bottle

Elegant and Earthy, yet Smoky, Soft, and Spicy ~ This is a full bodied big red for the seasoned Wine lover. Taste the Power of the Sun!


Vivacious and Full Bodied with Soft Tannin Structure and Toasted Vanilla Oak. Excellent!

$50.00 per Bottle

Throw back a pull straight from the 50 year old whiskey barrel it’s been aging in. Take home at least two bottles. Our Solera style Port is famous World Wide.


$34.00 per Bottle