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Hillside grown in our Estate Vineyards ensures that only the finest quality fruit contribute to every bottle. Smooth and refreshing strawberry overtones with a hint of spice. This is a great wine for gifting because it’s sure to please!
$32.00 per Bottle
Elegant and earthy, yet smoky soft and spicy ~ this is a full bodied big red for the seasoned wine lover. Taste the power of the sun!
$45.00 per Bottle
Nicely sweet with hints of hibiscus and honey.
$20.00 per Bottle
The old west lives on here at the ranch and the tradition of the Outlaw wine maker is clear and present in this rebellious Zinfandel / Ruby Cabernet blend. It pairs great with heavier meals such as Bleu Cheese stuffed Filet Mignon or nice thick Alfredo pasta. Bon Appetit!
$28.00 per Bottle
Vivacious and full bodied like the perfect woman standing next to you! Soft tannin structure with toasted vanilla oak. Excellent!
$36.00 per Bottle
This refreshing summertime or anytime white is gently sweet and champagne like. Perfect paired with seafood, light meals and cheeses.
$26.00 per Bottle
Blended with fruit from Monterey County, this excellent Rosé has a nicely balanced tannin structure. Residual sugar at 2.4 lends a smooth fruit forward sweetness.
$22.00 per Bottle
Throw back a pull straight from the 50 year old whiskey barrel it’s been aging in. Take home at least two bottles. Our Solera style port is famous world wide.
$28.00 per Bottle