' Weddings & Private Events - Longshadow Ranch Winery

Weddings & Private Events


The Longshadow Ranch Family welcomes you to our romantic venue
for your special day. At “The Ranch” we do things the old-fashioned
way, from how we farm the land to the way we treat every guest. It’s
our priority to ensure an altogether unique and memorable experience.
Getting married in the country can be an elegant affair or colorful
celebration, with all four seasons offering natural elements to your day.
The Grand Lodge and Ceremony Lawn exude a well-kept peaceful
atmosphere surrounded with rows of vineyards and sunset kissed sky.
You will feel as though you stepped back in time with our irresistible
small-town charm with modern amenities for a seamless wedding day.
Longshadow Ranch Winery is pure rustic sophistication.

*Please note: each venue on property rents separately per the contract terms.  Additional items/spaces may be available for use as Longshadow Ranch deems appropriate.

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