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Wine Clubs

Join the Longshadow Ranch Wine Club and get two bottles of our wine shipped to you every other month. We strive to offer the very best in value and service to our wine club family. Now you can enjoy our family oriented ambiance, special events, live music on weekends, FREE premium wine tasting, and 15% discount on wine purchases. We also offer greatly reduced pricing on facility fees for weddings and other private parties and special events that you may be planning. It’s easy to see why we have the fastest growing wine club in the valley!

wine-club-image2Membership Guidelines

We realize that nothing lasts forever, and would like to explain further to you how our wine club works in the event that you need to cancel your membership.

We are asking that you remain on the club for a minimum of three shipments with an active and current credit card. Your account will be charged automatically every odd month for two bottles plus shipping and handling, if any (you may pick up your wines at no charge).

An early cancellation fee of $29 will be incurred to offset purchase discounts, free wine tasting, event discounts and entry, merchant service fees and processing. There is no cancellation charge after the minimum term has been met.

In the event that you would like to cancel your membership, you must:
1.Mail or deliver a hard copy letter stating your intent to cancel with a current email or return mailing address. (We cannot accept voicemail or phone-in cancellations.)
2.Return your wine club membership card to us.


Come by our tasting room or call 951-587-6221 and sign up today!